Director and Founder

Martin has been CEO of Turning Tables since he founded it in 2009, establishing permanent music and film schools for marginalized youth and activists in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Denmark and Sweden. He has also been organizing and supporting rap and hip hop festivalss for activist rappers in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Denmark.

Martin has been a professional DJ and producer with ‘Den Sorte Skole’ for more than a decade and holds a Master in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Head of Music Production and Studio Design - Turning Tables Sweden

Mark is in charge of planning and implementing all of our studio installations, festival sound engineering, and training of local music instructors. Mark is an acclaimed artist, music producer, and sound engineer who has been working in pro audio in New York and Detroit for the past two decades.


Managing Director - Turning Tables Denmark

Alex, who became Managing Director of Turning Tables Denmark in October 2018, is a known face in the activist and cultural environment in Copenhagen, where he has worked with anti-racism, local politics and project management of cultural events. Alex holds a Master degree in Communication and Cultural Encounters from University of Roskilde. He comes from a background as campaign and volunteer coordinator with the Danish NGO Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke / Action Aid Denmark. He is also a drummer and has a soft spot for world music and punk rock.

Carrol Njeri

Country Director - Turning Tables Kenya

Carrol is a creative and spirited administrating manager for Turning Tables Kenya with 7 years of experience in project management, community development, finance and administration from schools and community projects.

Carrol holds a degree in B.comm and diploma in project management.

Darin Hansen a.k.a. Daro

Headmaster at Zarqa Film Acadamy - Turning Tables Jordan

Daro studied journalism at Damascus university. Early in her studies, she started working on putting spotlight on women’s rights in the media. After moving abroad back in 2010, she took her storytelling skills into film making.

Martin Højland

Country Director - Turning Tables Denmark

Martin took part in the initial workshop in Lebanon 2009. and is now project manager responsible for fundraising and coordination. Martin is part of ‘Den Sorte Skole’, holds a Master in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and has been working within the fields of development and global economy at the Danish NGO, Ibis, the Danish Foreign Ministry and the Danish Institute for International Studies.

Swe Hlaing Htet a.k.a. Darko

Coordinator - Turning Tables Myanmar

Darko is the daily leader of Turning Tables Lab in Yangon and in charge of planning and implementing our projects and events through out Myanmar. With his passion for underground music and socio-political issues he inspires the Turning Tables team and supplies technical support for the instructors in music and film production. As the vocalist-guitarist of Yangon-based indie punk band, Side Effect Darko has been rocking, irrepressibly, since 2004 and his songs embody the passionate resilience of youth in Myanmar.

Arthur Mühlen-Schulte

Country Director - Turning Tables Germany


Head of Film and Music Video Production

Papa is in charge of training instructors, developing and implementing film and music video programs for the Turntable Labs. He is specialized in working with film activists and the editor of many international award-winning documentaries.

@IAM_MISEE aka Stephen O. Odera

Music Instructor - Turning Tables Kenya

Misee is a multifaceted self made music producer and sound engineer that for the past ten years has worked with the cream of progressive Kenyan artists such as Juliani, Kevo Keyforce, Kalamoto, Raj, Wyre de love child, Solinga and many others. He holds a College diploma on TV and Film from East Africa Media Institute and has Worked as a Lecturer for 6 Year taught at two of the biggest colleges in Nairobi.

Sophia Dörffer Hvalkof

Assistant Project Manager - Turning Tables Denmark

Sophia is assistant project manager at Turning Tables Denmark in Copenhagen. She has worked and volunteered for several years in the NGO sector, and
been involved in a number of projects that has focused on the rights of refugees and migrants in Denmark and abroad.

Sophia holds a BA in International Migration and Ethnic Relations from Malmö University.

Jon Spangsvig

Co-Head of Photography - Turning Tables Denmark

Jon is a massively talented photographer that has been taking his craft to Haiti, Palestine, Colombia and Brazil since 2009. For TT Denmark he is engaged with teaching marginalized youth how to tell their stories through photography. Jon holds a Ba in Journalism and Portuguese Culture and a Ma in Disaster Management.

Mille Flensted-Jensen

Assistant Programme Manager - Turning Tables Jordan

Mille is based in Amman, working as assistant programme manager and fundraiser for the Jordan office. She holds a bachelor in Religious Studies from The University of Copenhagen and is currently studying a master in Migration Studies. She has previously worked in Jordan within the field of youth and activism.

Majd al-Nammari

Coordinator - Turning Tables Jordan

Majd is in charge of setting up the new Turntable Lab for Syrian and Palestinian refugees and Marginalized Jordanian youth. Al-Nammari aka “Khotta Ba” is a Palestinian/Jordanian lyricists who has been working with Turning Tables on festivals and workshops since 2011. Majd has been the focal point in setting up our Summer School in Talbayyieh Camp awhere he also supervised the creation of a hip hop album for his students. As Khotta Ba he released his first solo album bin 2012, and he is currently working on a new album. Majd holds BA degree of Civil Engineering certified from the Faculty of Engineering Technology at the BAU-Amman.

Marine Gastineau

Co-Head of Photography - Turning Tables Denmark

Photographer since 2008.
Studied at Fatamorgana, The Danish School of Art and Photography. She has been working professionally with commercial and documentary photography in France, South Africa and Denmark. Marine is currently developing the photography platform in Turning Tables Denmark with Jon Spangsvig, including a series of workshop within narrative photography with marginalized youth.

Thomas Irving

Music Video and Documentary Instructor

Thomas is an accomplished film editor and up-coming director from Copenhagen, Denmark. He started making videos through skateboarding, and is currently under training at Kong Gulerod Film. Irving been with Turning Tables since 2013 and has so far edited and directed three music videos and two short documentaries for Turning Tables in Tunisia and Jordan. Irving will be project manager for the music video and documentary part of the 2015 Voice of the Youth Tour in Myanmar.

Marija Bukauskaitė

Assistant Project Manager - Turning Tables Denmark

Marija is assistant project manager responsible for coordinating the Danish outreach activities for marginalized youth. She is a gifted entrepeneur and has been working as a Development Instructor for over two years in Denmark and Zambia.

Zaki Youssef

Drill Sergeant and Training Developer - Turning Tables Denmark

Zaki is a many headed mythical creative monster straight out of the dungeons of Rap. At Turning Tables Denmark he utilizes his experience as a musician, actor, director and play wright to plan, improvise and conduct creative training for unaccompanied refugees to give voice to their problems, hopes and dreams.

Amr Abu Eitah

Film Instructor - Turning Tables Jordan

Amr Abu aita is a video editor, Creative Director and and Artist, visual effects expert currently based in Amman, Jordan. He received his BA in Civil engineering from AL Balqa’ Applied University. His passion to video editing, lead him on a self learning experience, that resulted in working in multitude of projects in Thailand, Dubai and Amman. He has been in the industry for seven years and his eagerness to learn keeps on pushing him to achieve the impossible.

Mija Byung

Head of Architecture and Constuction - Turning Tables Denmark

Aesthetics can change our way of thinking and architecture is a tool to locate ourselves in the universe.

Mija is an architect from The Royal Danish Art Arcademy, School Of Architecture.

She has been working as a project manager for several music and culture events in Copenhagen since 2005. Co-Founder of Spillestedet Stengade and Co-Owner of the legendary reggae club RubA’Dub Sundays.

Lei Miriam Foo

DJ Instructor - Turning Tables Lebanon & Jordan

Lei has been working as a DJ for 6 years and has been part of the Tuning Tables instructor team since 2009. She has conducted more than 20 workshops and was in charge of setting up spring programs for refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon. Lei has a unique ability to engage the female participants and, as a female DJ, is an excellent role model.

Phone Myat Aung

Film Instructor - Turning Tables Myanmar

Phone Myat Aung a.k.a Mg Mg is a special editing and filming talent with eye for turning the world up side down. He is responsible for conducting Film trainings and shooting music videos at Turning Tables Myanmar. Mg Mg has 4 years of experience as a freelancer and has worked with TV broadcasting for MR-TV4.

Ghassen Mtimet

Street Art Advisor

The course of Ghassen Mtimet is always directed towards the visual arts and music; it feeds on Eastern influences, jazz, soul, hip hop, contemporary painting, street art.
The street is for him a place of expression for him to freely express his ideas and positions.
He first studied visual communication and the performing arts in Montpellier. Then, he expanded his agency experience as a graphic designer and illustrator.
Meanwhile, he develops his own creations and creates sunra, a multi-faceted art project in which he concentrated all his universe: romantic, modern and urban.
In particular, he created several collages in support of Jabeur Mejri, Tunisian political prisoner.
He has participated in several events organized by Turning Tables and contributed with street art performances.

Ingerlise Ollgaard

Film Trainer - Turning Tables Denmark

Ingerlise is part of the Turning Tables Denmark film division and has a cross cutting interest in film, music and human rights. She has been involved in teaching film and photography to street children in East Africa, India and Nepal and holds a Bachelor in Music and Arts from LMU, London.

Yazan Mashini

Photo Instructor - Turning Tables Jordan

Yazan Mashini is a Photographer/ Videographer, specialized in capturing portraits, Nature and artistic scenes. He has been in the industry for five years. and his artistic view always takes his work to the next level.

Aung Hein Thet

Film and Video Trainer - Turning Tables Myanmar

Aung has a sparkling childhood passion for film and got his first diploma in TV broadcasting from the Myanmar Media Development Center in 2013. Since then he has been working as a freelance film director and Joined the Turning Tables Myanmar team in the fall of 2015. Here he is responsible for the production of music videos and conducting participatory film trainings.

Esteban Garcia Garzon

Country Director - Turning Tables Colombia

Esteban is our Colombian king pin charged with rolling out new projects, building partnerships, generating funding and managing the Colombian team. He is deeply invested in Colombian social and indigenous issues and has dedicated his professional life to social, educational and artistic development in Colombia. Esteban has more than a decade of experience as an acclaimed film director with several director awards under his belt and has been the CEO of the FITI Foundation of the Arts for ten years.

Htet Myat Aung

VOY Project Manager - Turning Tables Myanmar

Htet Myat Aung aka. Htet Htet has been working with Turning Tables since 2015. He is a hardworking logistic master mind that always lead from the front and carry the team with his positive attitude. He is currently project manger of The Voice of the Youth social cohesion program 2016.

Stellan Reybekiel

Cage Master - Turning Tables Sweden